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Whether you need a residential or commercial fence, chain link fences can be a great way to identify and protect your property. Chainlink fences are an affordable way of securing a given area, whether it’s keeping out unwanted intruders, or simply being a way of marking boundaries. With our chain link fence installations from Boulder Fencing company, our fence contractors work with you to understand your needs, creating and installing the work that best suits your project. Whether it’s a livestock fence, a construction fence, or simply a way of keeping wildlife off you property, our team is prepared to undertake the task at hand.


Chain link fences are both highly affordable and an incredibly versatile material when it comes to working on projects. At our fencing company in Boulder, Colorado we have the years of experience it takes to help you complete all of your custom fence projects. With our professional installations we make sure that your fence is properly installed, from selecting the appropriate materials, to customizing the needed dimensions to finishing the fence with the proper coatings. When you have our team on the job, you can be confident that the finished product will look great and serve its desired function well into the future.

Livestock Fences

If your property maintains animals, finding fencing that is both safe and effective is why many people select chainlink fences to protect their livestock. Our livestock and other animal fences are both effective and durable, keeping both your animals and the property safe. Whether you’re looking for a chicken coop, pig cage or a number of other uses, our fences are effective for keeping your animals where you need them to be. Additionally, livestock fences allow for easy feedings, and can be customized with gates that suit your needs. With our team performing the work, your animals will be well cared for, whether you have a large farm or small petting zoo.

Commercial Fences

When it comes to commercial fencing, chain link fences are one of the most popular selections for a number of reasons, including its durability and versatility. Chain link fences are fast to install, making them great for temporary projects including sectioning off constructions zones and protecting bystanders from accidentally walking into a work area. Simultaneously, chain link fences are also highly durable and can be treated with weather proof, vinyl and other coatings to improve their lifespan and aesthetic appearance. These qualities make it great for industrial sites, keeping intruders from entering a property and providing additional security for the commercial premises.

Custom Fences

For those looking to use chain link fence for property improvement projects, our team at Boulder Fencing Company is here to help. Whether you have a fully realized plan, or need assistance from our experts, we provide the expertise that helps you best complete your work. From installing a garden fence to sectioning off your property, there are no projects too large or small for our team. We even create custom sports fences and baseball fences that help you turn an area of property into an athletics area. Taking advantage of the versatile qualities of chain link fences, our Boulder, Colorado fence builders are here to make your projects easier.



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