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If you have fencing on your property, at some point you may need to have it removed for a variety of reasons. When that time comes around, our team at Boulder Fencing company is here to hep you with the fence removal services that you need. From conducting a proper fence teardown that leaves the rest of your property intact, to providing the removal of debris from your location, we are a full service company that gets the job done correctly. In cases where the fence seems damaged beyond repair, our team advises on parts that may be salvageable for your future fence installation.

Fence Teardown

Whether you’ve experienced major damages to your fence or it’s simply time for a new look, our team is here to help you remove unwanted fencing from your property. With our fence teardown we remove the existing product, cleanly breaking it down and removing it from the premises, while protecting other aspects of the property. Our professionals are knowledgeable when it comes to all types of fencing materials, whether we’re removing a wooden fence or a metal fence that requires a higher level of attention. With our fence teardowns, the unwanted products will be efficiently and effectively removed, preparing your property for the next work.

Removal Services

As part of our fence removal services, we make sure that the premises are fully cleared from residual debris, in addition to the direct fencing components. Our fence contractors uphold our high standards of professionalism in all of our work, whether we’re installing a new fence or removing an old one. We systematically breakdown the fence to be removed, taking care to protect the adjacent areas from potential damages. Once that’s completed, our team makes sure that everything is cleanly removed from the property, never leaving behind residual messes. In providing this kind of full service removal, we help build our client satisfaction with our high quality workmanship.

Fence Repairs

On occasion, when our clients call us for fence removal, it’s because they believe that the fence is unable to be repaired. However, in the cases where our clients still like the design of their existing fence, our team offers the fence repairs and fence rebuilds that help to salvage the damaged materials. Our experts have a wide range of skills, allowing us to restore components that may appear to be unrepairable. In these instances we are able to save our customers the costs of an entirely new fence, with our team removing the damaged parts while helping to create the new fence the property requires.

Driveway Entrances

When properties are undergoing a new design or remodeling project, we sometimes help to remove parts of an existing fence in order to make way for the new design of the property. With our custom services, we adeptly remove unwanted parts of your fence in order to make way for new components like driveway entrances or custom gates. Using our expertise to modify your fence to make way for new elements, we carefully remove panels to prepare the space for a new installation. With these services we not only save you money in needing to replace an entire fence, but provide the full services to upgrade your location.



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