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As a part of your property that’s constantly exposed to the elements, from time to time your fencing may need repairs and other types of maintenance. With our services from Boulder Fencing Company, we take care of your fences, providing the repairs and replacements that help them look like new. Whether you need a fence rebuild after extensive damages, or a small repair from regular use, our team is here to help. We also provide regular maintenance service that helps prevent potential issues in the future. Our repairs and building services also extend to the repair and construction of gates, enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

Fence Repairs and Rebuilding

Whether your fence has experienced major damages or you need minor fence repairs, our team is here to help. We work on all types of projects including fence rebuilds that help restore your property after you’ve experienced major damages. In many cases our clients have small damages that may have occurred from winter weather, that require minor repairs from touching up paint, to removing stains and fixing minor issues. We work on a wide variety of materials to return your fences to full health, including work on vinyl, wood and aluminum fences among a range of other commonly used products.

Fence Maintenance

In order to help extend the life span of your fences, making sure they’re undergoing regular maintenance is the best way to see a long lasting return on your investment. With our fence maintenance at Boulder Fencing Company, we provide the work you need to keep your fence in top shape year round. Our fence cleaners provide the care that removes the build up of dirt, dust and debris from regular exposure to the elements. Additionally, on our maintenance appointments, our experts examine all the areas of your fence, advising on the repairs and treatments that will work best to extend the lifetime of your product.

Fence Builders

Whether we’re working to repair an existing fence, or our clients have a bespoke project they want us to work on, our fence builders are prepared for the job. Our team is fully equipped with the knowledge and materials that allow us to undertake any projects that our clients envision. From building a custom fence to matching a new fence with existing work on your property, we get the project completed. With our harsh Boulder weather conditions, we understand that components of your fencing can become damaged beyond repair, which is why our fence rebuilds enable you to salvage parts of your existing structures while seamlessly blending in new work.


When you’re working on the design of your home or commercial space, sometimes our clients are ready to upgrade their fences to match with new renovations or changing needs. With our custom gate installations, we help you restructure your outdoor areas to accommodate things like access gates or new driveway entrances. Our gate installers are ready to provide the assistance you need, whether it’s implementing a design you’ve envisioned, or working with other contractors to match new work to your existing structures. With our custom gates, we take your existing framework repairing and reconstructing it to match your new property designs.



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