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As a local Boulder, Colorado fencing company, our goal has always been to provide our neighbors with the fencing services that they need. From start to finish, we perform high quality work, whether we’re working wooden fences, livestock fences, or even fence removal. Our team uses our expertise to adeptly handle a wide range of materials including wood, vinyl, chain link and wrought iron. In working providing this versatility, we’re able to offer our clients everything from installation to fence repair and fence maintenance. In addition to our installation and repair services we also perform fence removal that helps clear the way for a new product or as a part of a landscaping makeover. At Boulder Fencing Company, we’re the name that our clients know they can trust the it comes to high quality fencing services.

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When you work our team on your fencing projects, you’re investing in making your home or commercial property more beautiful and functional. Our professional team has the experience it takes to handle all of your projects expertly, saving you both time and money in the long run. By using our expertise to streamline the process, our work from installations to removals are completed efficiently. In addition, we have the materials, tools and equipment that ensure the work is completed with professional quality and finishing touches. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation among customers, meaning we pay attention to detail in all of our work and never take shortcuts or cut corners. Our goal in providing your fence installation and other work is to ensure that you’re able to benefit from the standards of our work for years to come.



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​​Boulder Fencing Solutions

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