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Wrought Iron Fences

If you’re considering a wrought iron fence for your property, our experts at Boulder Fencing Company can help you decide if this material is the right selection for you. We install and provide work on a wrought iron fences used for a variety of purposes on various properties. Whether you want a decorative way to provide extra security for your location, or are using it as part of your garden design we can help you with the work you need. We also provide work on aluminum fences, creating and installing custom work that is aesthetically similar to wrought iron at affordable pricing.

Wrought Iron Fences
If you’re ready to invest in a wrought iron fence on your property, our expert fence installers are here to provide the labor and knowledge to get the job done correctly from start to finish. Wrought iron fences are designed to be long lasting, whether it’s holding up to environmental factors, or even heavy impacts – making it a great choice for homes and public spaces alike. With our proper installation and care, we make sure your wrought iron fence is able to look its best for years to come, with our detailed work enhancing the natural elegance of this type of material.

When you’ve selected a wrought iron fence for your property, our team at Boulder Fencing Company is the fence contractor that you want for the job. We have years of experience installing wrought and other metal fences, whether it’s on a flat surface or a rolling expanse of land. Our professional fence contractors have the knowledge and experience to tackle even your most complicated installation problems, using our quality materials and equipment to get the job done. With our installations not only does our detail oriented work ensure that the fence will look great, but you’ll see an increased lifespan of the materials with our finishing treatments.

Porch Railing
In addition to providing security and sectioning off areas of your property, wrought iron is a popular selection when it comes to porch railings for homes and other commercial spaces. Wrought iron is designed to stand up to the effects of harsh weather, as well as being simultaneously low maintenance and durable. Because of these qualities, it makes a great selection for an outdoor railing that will see heavy use. These types of porch railings have an elegant and classic look, while being able to stand up to the daily use of being used for support in heavily trafficked areas.

Aluminum Fences
Aluminum fences and other metal fences can be a great and affordable way to add privacy and security to your property. Aluminum fences are highly versatile on a variety of terrains and are affordable and durable when it comes to investing in property fencing. With our aluminum fence work, you’ll experience the full benefits of this material, no matter what type of project we’re working on. In addition to their cost efficiency, aluminum fences are low maintenance, making it perfect for those with a busy schedule. With this type of fencing, you’ll see your property looking great for many years, providing safety and security at an affordable price.